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Leaflet Printing Southport

Banks Printers
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5000 A5 Colour Leaflets on 130gsm gloss paper
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Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing For Small Business - 10 Tips For More Effective Tweets
By []Catherine Henry
One of the most significant social media websites on the internet that allows people to interact is Twitter. Internet users and bloggers are given an entirely new mode of communication. Twitter involves micro-blogging where users can communicate with each other through small, 140 character bites of content. Regular bloggers would understand the benefits that Twitter can offer in tidbit form.
If you want to use twitter in marketing your products and services effectively, you can make use of the following tips:
Know the distinction between frequent posting and spamming. Twitter is not the proper place to spam. It is a network where users want to socialize. If readers are overwhelmed with spam, they will no longer follow you. Spamming will only do you more harm than good in the end.
Before posting on Twitter, make sure you know what you are promoting. Knowing your product will lead you to understand the best ways to advertise it. Twitter is a good venue to promote because it has the ability go viral and bring more potential customers to your business.
Know the right kind of information to provide on your Tweets. You have to determine the important information that your customers are looking for and include it in your Tweets and in the replies that you send out. This way, you will become more successful in communicating through Twitter.
Use Twitter as a means to communicate with both existing and potential customers. Learn how to communicate effectively using Twitter in order to boost your marketing efforts. Give them news on what is going on within your business or your niche in general.
Involve yourself in the conversation. You have more chances of success if you know how to participate in the community and communicate properly in this social network because it is a large community-based site.
Maximize the use of your account. Provide relevant information about your business and creating a profile page with pictures is a must. People are more likely to come back and check what you are writing about if they know you better.
Set-up a marketing plan before joining Twitter. Having a basic outline ready will bring about more results and give you direction in your daily social media efforts.
Promote your products in moderation. Overwhelming your readers with too many posts about your product or service might cause them to stop following your Twitter feeds.
Be a facilitator of conversations. There are several ways that you can begin conversations such as posting questions and getting responses from your readers.
Pursue Twitter feeds which are relevant in the promotion your products. Doing so will notify Twitter feed authors about your existence and you will have more chances of generating more traffic to your marketing campaign as they will likely follow you in return.Learning to use Twitter wisely for business can be of great benefit to your marketing strategies, but using it incorrectly will earn you the reputation of a spammer. Remember to be a good neighbour and add value to your follower's Twitter experience and you will be off to the races in no time.
To receive a free website analysis from a professional
[]internet marketing service or to learn more about SEO visit []
Article Source: [] Twitter Marketing For Small Business - 10 Tips For More Effective Tweets

Childrens Diabetes Support Southport, Formby, Ormskirk

Lancelots Chilrens Diabetic Club
Southport, Formby and Ormskirk
Support for children with Type 1 (Insulin dependent) diabetes and their families.  
Support, Holidays, Events and News.

Leaflet Design

The Art of Leaflet Design
By []Ungira Pandit
So you've spent practically your whole budget and life savings into starting up a brand new business on your own. You want to start running your business as soon as possible to get a return on investment and start making a profit. There's barely enough pounds left for you to get the word out to the public that your business exists. With little money to spare, have you considered the idea of advertising with leaflets? A Leaflet is a cost effective, exclusive, personal and an easy direct marketing tactic to get the message out to your potential customers. You can mail out leaflets, distribute them door-to-door, or hand them out in person.
When people learn about your business, what it offers, the range of products, and other highlighted details from your leaflet, they will become interested and will be keen to visit your store. It is a chance to inform the public about established organisations, causes or companies your business may be affiliated with. Leaflets make people aware of your brand which helps the public gain trust in your company and associate with your business. In order to effectively promote your company using leaflet advertising, the first step is to ensure you have a good sense of leaflet design that would be appealing to people reading your leaflet.
A leaflet has several aspects dependent on the quality of the design. The top 3 inches of the cover of your leaflet are the most important. Those 3 inches are what people are going to judge your leaflet by, to determine whether they're going to read the rest of your leaflet or not. It should be your utmost priority to attract a passer-by's attention with a captivating headline and so they can comprehend the purpose of your leaflet at a quick glance. Since leaflet design has the advantage of having more space to work with as compared to flyer design, use it! Utilise the space on your leaflet to highlight a few key points of information.
Then take the time to select one or two images to incorporate into your leaflet design, in order to create the right impact in the reader's mind and backup your information. You should be able to give out a clear concise message to the person reading your leaflet. Do not confuse them by including too much information printed on your leaflet. The standard leaflet sizes vary from 1/3 A4 and A3 or A4 sizes folded into A5 sized leaflets. These sizes are considered to be standard since they have the convenient feature of fitting into a person's pocket. This convenience will allow a person to read your leaflet in depth at a later time. If you produce bulky leaflets which are difficult to store in a purse or pocket, they are going to be thrown out by people instead of read.
The ink and paper chosen for your leaflet should be sturdy enough to handle any type of weather conditions or external force factors. The ink should be a higher quality of ink which is less likely to run if the leaflet gets moist or wet. The paper should be strong enough so that it doesn't tear easily and is able to maintain its presentable form. Nothing is better than a sale, discount or one time offer, to give the public a reason to visit your business, so make sure to mention these specifics. People get extremely turned off by bad grammar and spelling errors. It makes people think your business is not significant or serious enough to be worth their time or money. So verify that your leaflet design is free from any sort of errors. Many businesses that print leaflets, fail to request for a preview before printing their whole order of leaflets. Only when the whole order is printed, do they realise something needed to be changed. Get a preview printout to get an idea of how your leaflet will look. Once you have had a chance to examine the preview, any small enhancements or adjustments can be made, to have an excellent leaflet design to promote your business.
Solopress is a printing and design UK company which is dedicated to helping you create the perfect []leaflet design to successfully promote your business.
Article Source: [] The Art of Leaflet Design

Marketing Your Small Business

Marketing your small business

Author: Twenty3Media

As a small business owner you almost certainly know that a successful marketing strategy is key to the success of your business. But you might now know how to begin crafting that strategy, and you might be concerned about how much effective marketing will cost. Not to worry. A successful marketing strategy doesn\'t have to mean spending huge amounts of money. Here are a few simple things you can do today to market your business more effectively.

Business cards
Professionally designed business cards printed on quality paper can make a huge difference in the perception people have of your business. Invest money in a graphic designer to help you decide on the best layout for your business card and ask him or her to refer you to a reliable printer. A few things to include on your business card are:

• Your name and surname
• Designation
• URL to website
• Contact numbers (office number and fax number are a must, cell number is optional)
• What you do – remember that people may look at your business card months from now hence they must be able to identify with one glance what type of business you\'re in.

Email addresses
To add to the professionalism and credibility of your business don\'t use free email addresses such as, or something similar for your business email. If you don\'t have a website, register only the domain until you decide to invest in a website, then use personalised email addresses, i.e.

If you don\'t have a website, consider investing in one. It is important to have an online presence; Google is the new Yellow Pages. Start with a basic website that includes an overview of your company, services you offer and contact details.

Social networks
Establish a presence on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and connect with your clients. People spend a lot of their time on social networks and this is where you can target them at a more intimate level. As discussed in a previous post, be consistent and make sure that you social networks\' buttons are included on your website. This will make it easy for current and potential clients that visit your website to connect with you on the social network of their choice.

Marketing is not rocket-science but it takes time and effort. It is important to be consistent in putting your plan into action, as results will not appear overnight. Want to learn more about how you can market your small business? Contact the Twenty3Media team


Article Source:

About the Author

Twenty3Media is a Cape Town-based marketing agency specialising in integrated marketing solutions for small businesses. Services include marketing audits, competitor research and analysis and the creation and implementation of marketing strategies.


Google Places Marketing

How to Use Google Places For Local Business Marketing
By []Todd Temaat
Maximize Return, Minimize Cost
Local business marketing can be challenging; especially if you don't have a large budget or if you live in a small town. As a small business, you need to maximize return and minimize your cost and time investment, so you naturally turn to online marketing and start looking for tips to help you make an effective website and drive traffic to it. There are tons of ways to drive traffic to your site and if you've done any research about online marketing strategy at all, you've seen that very few of the experts truly know anything about local business marketing. All of their tactics work well if your business is primarily online but need lots of modification to apply them to your offline local business.
Google Changes from Local Business Center to Google Places
But one tactic that works better for local businesses than online businesses is Google Places or Google Local Business Center. Google has renamed their Local Business Center and added several new features within the last month to make this an even more attractive option. By claiming your listing and making sure all your information is correct, you can make sure your listing shows in Google's local listings every time someone searches for your product or service in your area.
Google Places has an improved customer help center compared to the local business center. This help center includes updated guides, more ways to contact Google if you're having problems, and information on all the new features. They've also added a help forum with designated "Top Contributors" that are able to answer your questions if you get stuck. At least that's what Google says...we'll have to see how it actually plays out in practice. In addition, they're offering improved training through more webinars. Now, if the past is any indication, the webinars will be mostly Power Point presentations with narration and no opportunity for interaction. But they also usually provide some great insights to local business marketing on Google if you have the time to attend or listen to the recordings.
Listing Local Businesses Hasn't Changed...Much
The basics of getting your company listed and working your way to the top of Google's local listings haven't changed. You still need to go into Google Places and claim your business (if it's already listed) or set it up if it isn't.
When you set it up, remember that local business marketing success they say in real estate...about three things:
As you're entering information into your Google Places local business profile, always think about how you can add location specific information to your listing. For example, in your business name, you could add your town's name like this: Taylor's Dry Cleaning - Wichita's Leading 1 Hour Dry Cleaner.
One of the new features in Google Places is an easier way for you to list the areas your serve. This will help, especially in larger cities or more competitive markets. By listing the names of the neighborhoods, subdivisions, and even zip codes you want to target, your listing will stand out above the other local businesses that haven't taken the time to update their Google local listings.
At the end of the day, local search engine marketing is one of the most straight forward and cost effective ways to market a local business. By taking the time to set your listing up properly at Google first and then moving on to the other local search engines (Bing and Yahoo!), you'll help insure your customers find you when they look...then you just have to turn them into buyers when they call or visit. But you do that every day anyway, right?
Remember, marketing an offline business on the internet is different than marketing an online business. And you don't have time to modify the methods all the online marketing "gurus" teach. Your
[]local online marketing tips await you; including our exclusive FREE 5 Step Plan to Win Your Local Market. In it, we show you exactly create the perfect plan to use online marketing tactics to explode your offline business.
Article Source: [] How to Use Google Places For Local Business Marketing

Advertising Tips

4 Advertising Tips For Getting The Best Results

Author: Adrian Hargray

To make your advertising more effective, you have to do a few things that will increase the overall response rate of your campaign. In this article, we will take a look at some of those ways and how you can use it to improve your campaign\'s effectiveness. Let\'s take a look at advertising tip number 1.

1) Know your target market

Before you even run your ad, you should analyze your target market first. How are you going to meet the needs and wants of your market if you don\'t have a good idea of who you? You must solve your prospects most pressing need and start your ads off with your biggest benefit.

The most important part of any ad is the headline, and your headline should be good enough to stop a reader in their tracks and get them to read your ad. You want to incorporate your initial market research into your ads so that you can capture the attention of your scanning reader.

Your prospects care very little about you and are only concerned with how they feel. You should be there to capitalize on this selfishness by offering them exactly what they\'re looking for. If you can do this, your advertising stands a very good chance of being successful.

2) Make your offer irresistible

An irresistible offer is what it\'s all about. When you run your ad, you should strive to make your offer as good as possible so that you can put your best foot forward. It may even help to offer a guarantee right there in your ad. That way you can shift all of the risk to yourself when your prospects are thinking about your offer.

3) Improve credibility

You always want to improve your credibility in everything that you do. If you can, include testimonials in your advertising to show people that your product actually does what it claims to do. You can also include a guarantee here also so that people aren\'t afraid to do business with you.

You could also have one of your best customer serve to be an endorser of your products. This form of referral marketing is great for new business and can really make an ad take off and succeed.

4) Write to one person

Even though your ad will appear to thousands, only one person is reading your ad at a time, so you will want to write on a one-to-one personal basis. When doing this, imagine that you are speaking with a friend over a cup of coffee. All you want to do here is use the same words and tones that you would use in your friendly conversation.

You never want to speak in third person and sound like a big company without a face. Be personable to your prospects and have fun with your advertising. People like to be treated as human beings, so treat them as such.

All of these tips will allow you to gain the upper hand in your advertising. Be sure to start using them today to start seeing increased sales in your business.

Article Source:

About the Author

Learn advertising tips you can use to make all of your ads pay off big. To learn more, visit the following website for more details:

Design In Leaflet Printing

Design Is Key In Leaflet Printing
By Rakesh Gaikwad
Many companies when looking for ways to advertise their company, especially when it's for a public event, choose to hand out leaflets. Leaflets are convenient because they can be handed out to a large number of people quickly, efficiently, and for a fraction of the cost of direct mail or other forms of printing for advertising purposes. But because so many companies are using this inexpensive form or printing, consumers are being left with many leaflets to sort through. The chances are they won't and many leaflets will end up in the trash. You certainly do not want this to happen when you have spent time leaflet printing and so, it's important to know a few things before printing out the final leaflets!
Design is essential when leaflet printing. Without a good design, the entire purpose of the leaflet is lost because consumers will not look at it. The design should be unique, stand out, and be very appealing to its target audience. The first thing to keep in mind when designing your leaflet for printing is who you are advertising to. If it's for a younger population, you will want to choose trendier patterns and colors whereas if it's a mature population, you may want simple lines and solid colors. The consumer decides instantly upon looking at a leaflet whether it's appropriate for them or not and so, you need to set the tone with everything from colors to fonts.
Pictures can greatly help set the tone when leaflet printing. Many companies make the mistake of simply printing their leaflet with a generic picture taken from a software program. Although the image may keep in tone with the rest of the leaflet, it's still not going to grab anyone's attention. Pictures that have the most impact are those that are real photographs. Choose pictures that have something to do with the product or event being advertised and make it personal to the company or individual that is doing the advertising. For instance, if a company is printing leaflets to advertise an annual customer appreciation barbecue, a picture of the previous year's barbecue would be appropriate and would be very interesting to consumers.
Another design element that is important to keep in mind when leaflet printing is the size of the leaflet. Many companies make the mistake of making the leaflet the size of a standard piece of paper and then fold it in thirds. While this does allow for much information to be included in the leaflet, this size is very ineffective. The purpose of a leaflet is easy advertising that can be easily given and easily taken. If the leaflet is too big to place in a pocket, it will get thrown out before being read simply because the consumer does not have time to put your leaflet away to read it later.
Leaflet printing can be a do-it-yourself project or it can be given to printing professionals. Both have pros and cons and the choice will depend on your needs. Professionals can provide a more professional look but they can sometimes be quite pricey. If you choose to do it yourself, you can complete the entire leaflet printing process on your computer. A combination of the two different methods of leaflet printing is to design your own leaflet and then send it to a company online that will have them professionally printed for you. is one of the best UK]leaflet printing and flyer printing specialist.

Why Print Marketing Is Essential?

To most business owners, marketing their business is one of the most important and at the same time hardest things they have to face day to day in running their enterprise. With customers these days getting more and more cautious in items they buy, the more important it is to create unique and exceptionally attention-grabbing marketing campaigns. The common trend today is to go for digital marketing. After all, the technology is there and business life is so much easier with it. But why is it that print marketing is still the choice of many established business today?

When you think about it, marketing actually has a huge impact to business. It can either make or break a business. Business cards can help share your contact details; Brochure can help provide detailed description of your products or services; and post cards can help inform people the the latest about your business. With this in mind, it is crucial that effective and high quality marketing is important to the success of your business.

Print marketing can provide a lot of benefits and advantages that might not be
seem obvious at first glance. Sure, it can produce exceptional short term results, but it can also build up, boost up, and keep up connections between your target market and your business. This is something exceptionally crucial to the future of your business.

Surely, you encounter the terms sales, profits, lead generation, competition, return on investment, and strategic planning all the time. They are all important to business. They all play a crucial role to your success. They are also all a result of marketing. So, how do you market your business? Why is it important to promote, and how much would it actually cost you to carry out a promotional campaign?

Print marketing is widely used in the business industry today for a good reason—it always works. For one, print marketing produces a lasting and good image to customers. It also conveys an effective message, helps you connect wit your customers, produce an emotional response from your prospects
, and helps send out a strong call to action. Experts say that if you don’t show and tell people that you want what they need, they won’t even bother checking you out. If you don’t give them a reason to call you, they won’t do it.

You can use newspaper inserts to promote your products or services and increase awareness. You can also insert your business card in your brochure to generate leads. It is simply important that you create effective and striking business card templates to draw attention. These are both inexpensive and time-tested techniques of generating short term results and long lasting impact.

Menus and flyers are also effective. If you own a restaurant or pizza parlor, you can use these materials to promote your business. It’s important that you promote heavily because if you don’t, people will go to your competitions.

Don’t worry about the cost of these marketing materials as they are more affordable than ever. They can be produced at exceptionally low prices. Once you have your materials with you all you have to do to distribute them to your target customers.

You can’t really go wrong with print marketing. When done effectively, you will quickly realize the impact it has on your business and your self as well.
About The Author
The author invites you to visit: